Suppose you and your child have been studying the Renaissance.

You have read great books about the clothes people wore, the types of homes in which they lived, the religions they followed, the artwork they created, and the people who were famous who lived in that time period.

You have made some of the foods that people would have eaten; you have created dresses, vests, hats, and tunics.

You have replicated crafts and artwork.

You have been immersed in your study and have gleaned exciting and interesting knowledge that creates a piece in the giant puzzle of history that has influenced the world in which we live today. Now you want your child to write about the Renaissance and put all of those lovely facts and experiences on paper, but your child struggles with writing.

How can you help him become a confident writer?

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The original title of this article “The Making of a Confident Writer” published in The Old Schoolhouse Magazine March-April 2014