What Parents and Students are Saying


I am so happy about our daughter’s writing skills after having taken your courses! You are a blessing to our homeschool!

Laura B.

My boys have taken a mix of elementary, intermediate, and advanced classes over four years from Mrs. Empfield. They have both flourished under her teaching. My student that started with the Elementary I class had minimal writing experience at the time, but Mrs. Empfield’s clear step-by-step instructions helped him understand the assignments and do most of the work independently. As a parent, I am grateful for the advanced classes on writing essays and research papers, which my other student has completed. I really appreciate the thoroughness of Ann’s instruction, the clear daily assignments, and the beneficial feedback that help both of my students complete their assignments with minimal effort on my part. I am confident that they are developing an excellent foundation for future high school and college writing assignments.

Sharilee J.

Mrs. Empfield’s Advanced 3 class was a wonderful choice for both my daughter, who is now in college, and my son, who is a senior in high school. My daughter tells how easy it was for her to do her college papers after having spent a year under Mrs. Empfield’s tutelage. Other students were struggling, but not my daughter!
I am sure that it will be the same for my son. He tells me he really likes how Mrs. Empfield teaches and also how she runs her class. She is very attentive to the needs of her students and leaves informative notes that help him improve his work. He says he is pleasantly challenged by the class!
For anyone considering if this might be a good choice for their family, I highly recommend Write for Success! It is a great way for your student to learn top-notch writing skills and learn to be accountable to a teacher other than the parent. I give Mrs. Empfield and Write for Success an A+!

Suzanne C.

As a homeschooling mom, these classes have taken the pressure off me to teach creative writing and have been a wonderful learning experience for my children! Not only do they learn creative writing skills, but they incorporate grammar, punctuation, and spelling into their writing in a practical way that reinforces their proper use. Basic computer document skills are also acquired as well, which is an added bonus of an online course. Having a deadline for my children and another person besides mom grading their papers prepares them for future education after high school. Mrs. Empfield is patient and kind and teaches with a lot of positive reinforcement. It truly amazes me what she has accomplished with each one of my children!

Debbie N.

Write For Success Writing Classes have been a blessing to me and my family.    For the past few years, we had implemented a variety of writing curriculums into our homeschool repertoire.   Some were good and others not so great.   I felt I needed to find a curriculum that met both mine and my children’s needs, offered unbiased grading, enforced accountability and gave them the tools necessary for high school and beyond.  Enter Write For Success Writing classes….

This has been one of THE BEST curriculum choices I have made.   My children, ages 10 and 13, have learned a lot.  They have learned a great deal about writing, deadlines and accountability.   My 10yr old has astounded me!!  This program has just the right balance for homeschoolers.   I strongly encourage others to give it a try.   Ann was terrific at addressing all of my concerns from the time of my first inquiry.   She knows exactly what she is doing and interacts with both parents and students in a timely and professional manner.”

Debbie S.

Last summer, I was looking for ways to improve my boys’ experiences with writing. We had been using IEW in our homeschool for several years, but I felt their skills were stalled. We decided to enroll one of our sons in Intermediate 2 and the other in Advanced 2, and we have been very pleased with the results! I like how organized the whole program is, and we always know what to expect. The student’s personal (and password-protected) webpage is a handy place to retrieve his assignments and download upcoming class information, and it is very easy for the boys to submit their work. Mrs. Empfield is an excellent teacher in the online classroom: she is very patient with the students, she offers clear explanations of the material, and she holds the students accountable to good behavior. Plus, she is always available via email for questions. As their homeschool teacher, I can easily view files on my students’ webpages, check their submissions, and view their grades. I like the assignment submission process – my boys submit their drafts, receive feedback, edit their work, and then hand in their final papers. Mrs. Empfield always offers positive feedback, which encourages the boys, but she also constructively corrects their work and tells them how to fix it, which has really helped to improve their writing. The classes are age-appropriate, and I also like the fact that each student has his own customized checklist to follow based on his skills. Expectations at each level are reasonable while also challenging. Perhaps the best part of the “Write for Success” experience is that my boys are now accountable to someone else besides mom and are doing their best to meet the expectations set before them – which is an important skill for “success” in the future. Thank you, Mrs. Empfield!

Lisa C.

What impresses me most with my son’s writing class is Mrs. Empfield’s immeasurable patience and kind attitude toward her students. It makes an otherwise daunting task such as writing easy for the student. The pace is manageable and the IEW method is superior to several others I have tried in 15 years of home schooling.”

Sandy F.

This has been our first online writing course.  My 10 year old son has benefited from Ann’s step by step approach to writing.  All of the needed materials are easily accessible from the Write for Success Dropbox account, lessons are recorded and easy to retrieve should you need to miss a class, and she has been flexible and worked with my family’s changing schedule. The class is engaging- students use a chat box, microphone, and take notes during class.  She spends time looking at the children’s writing assignments, making comments, and giving students time to correct and resubmit. My son is gradually writing longer and longer paragraphs, with Ann’s help, and he does not even realize it.”


I have two children who have hated writing. We had struggled for years doing it ourselves. Last year, I decided to try out Ann’s writing class with my oldest son. He went from a struggling writer to someone who is willing to sit down and do it. He enjoys Ann’s style of teaching and how affirming she is. Based on his success, I signed up two more children. My other reluctant writer now says that this writing program is more enjoyable than any other she has tried.”

Tammy M.

I am a homeschooling Mom of 5 finishing our 13th year. I was so grateful to have found Write For Success! My 16/17yo daughter needed to shore up her essay skills. I tried doing Elegant Essay at home with another Mom but we were just NOT successful (our fault not the curriculum’s). I really only needed writing class, too, not something combined with literature as so many high school English courses are. This was a perfect fit! I did not want to give up on my daughter’s IEW skills but I was about ready to until I found Write For Success.  She has really enjoyed this class and learned a ton. I can give her a very honest English credit this year thanks to Ms. Empfield!


As a student of Mrs. Empfield’s Intermediate 1 class, I really enjoy the classes Mrs. Empfield put together. She is a great role model and a wonderful teacher. The pupils I have met over this and last semester have been very nice to me. As a student I believe I have learned so much AND I cannot wait to learn more in the upcoming semester. If you have a child or children, I would truly recommend these classes.”

Lucia S.

Providing some feedback, we are thrilled with the class.  Ava LOVES it and we have been delighted with her enthusiasm. Aside from proofreading for spelling errors, we have asked her to complete this class and the required assignments without our intervention.  This is our first experience with an on-line class, so we were unsure what to expect. This has brought more than a writing lesson, but a shot of confidence in her ability to work independently. We are very satisfied and we thank you.


Write for Success has been a wonderful tool for our family. The feature we find most beneficial is the constant feedback that is offered with this class. My daughter is working on her writing skills daily. I highly recommend this program for its quality material as well as outstanding teacher instruction. We are very grateful to have this available to us as a home school family.


My daughter, 10, has attended Write For Success’s Elementary 2 class for 8 months. Prior to enrolling in Write for Success, we had used IEW for about a year and a half. While I could see improvement, I felt that I lacked both consistency and a solid understanding of how to properly implement IEW. For these two reasons, I enrolled my daughter into the program. Not only has Write for Success accomplished these two goals, it has exceeded my expectations in every area. My daughter’s skills have skyrocketed. Independently, she is writing with a complexity that I would never have expected, or even thought possible, for a 10 year old. This success, coupled with Mrs. Empfield’s gentle and kind instruction and encouragement, have jump started my daughter’s love for writing. It has become one of her favorite subjects, and she speaks favorably of Mrs. Empfield often. More practically speaking, we have found the work load to be balanced and reasonable.
By my daughter’s eager request, she will continue with Write for Success next year; and when my next child is ready, I will enroll him as well. As most homeschoolers, we carefully consider every dollar that goes into our homeschooling budget. I can say, without hesitation, that the cost for this program has been a small price to pay for an excited and motivated student and the peace of mind knowing that she is being challenged, engaged, and inspired beyond what I could realistically do myself.


Mrs. Empfield’s teaching content and style was really helpful. She talks calmly and clearly and always keeps a positive tone in her correspondence with you. People say I’m a good writer, but I owe some of that credit to Mrs. Empfield!


Write for Success class is a great way to learn wonderful writing skills! My teacher combined IEW teachings with her own and made it enjoyable and easy to learn. The pace of Write for Success class is good: not too fast that you’re always behind and not comprehending the work but not too slow that you’re not learning much.